The Four Principles of Thriving Community

My brother Brad suddenly calls me on the phone this morning. He rarely ever calls. He seems inspired. He tells me he’s thinking about community and wants to talk with me about it.
He says our culture is increasingly lost in materialism and individuality. We are losing touch with any sense of community. Families are separated across the country. We don’t feel connected to our neighbors. People feel isolated, lonely and empty. They try to fill the hole inside themselves by acquiring more things and gadgets as a way to temporarily distract from the pain. Yet what we are really longing for is a sense of community.
He reminds me that historically we have been communal creatures for 99.9 percent of our existence. That as tribal people we would all sleep next to each other at night for warmth and protection. it runs deep in our DNA.

He tells me there are four elements we need in community to feel thriving and fulfilled.

1) Being with people
2) In shared struggle together
3) Shared purpose that overshadows individual egoic desires
4) Your unique role and individuality feels needed and valued

I say I agree.

He says: What do we do about it?

I say let’s find out…

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