Ep 163 What is Spiritual Enlightenment? – Ash Ruiz & Brian Piergrossi

A listener to today’s podcast wrote: “Wow guys. This is fantastically mind blowing & at the same time so normal.” I think that’s sums this episode up pretty well.

We dove into a full range of fascinating territory. What is “spiritual enlightenment”? Are we living in a virtual reality? Do gay people, and minorities have an advantage to spiritual awakening? Is ayahuasca, psyhedelics, and plant medicine. valuable for self-realization? Can you awaken to the true Self without anything external? Are words necessary to connect deeper with someone? Is there any such thing as objective reality? Is time and space real? Is cause and effect real? How do we find inner peace? What is true abundance? How do we transcend suffering?

Ash shared some powerful stories from his journey in between many moments of laughter, deep presence and mind blowing truths.

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