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I’ve been loving the Summertime in the Appalachian mountains this week! Summer is such a great time to remember that we are connected to something infinite and vast..

The fresh air through the windows and bare feet, the bright sunshine, the lush green forests, the late afternoon thunderstorms and rainbows. the singing birds from the treetops in the morning, the crickets and bullfrogs singing at dusk, the flash of the lightning bugs and fireflies in the evening.

I don’t use the word “surrender” very often  because it seems to imply some kind of defeat or loss of some kind.  However, I recognize the truth of what it’s pointing to.
What’s often called spiritual surrender is really a recognition and alignment with a higher intelligence. You are letting go of something only because you have found something far greater to guide you and trust in.

“Surrender” is the most powerful agent of transformation. It’s being with the truth of what is right now and moment by moment… because why would you not? Denial and resistance of what is causes suffering and delusion. To be with what is through the humility of not knowing it should be any different than it is brings a deep peace, infinite freedom, and unconditional love. You are no longer seeking fulfillment outside yourself from anything different than what IS.

This deep alignment and trust with what IS paradoxically is what allows for the greatest power of transformation in the world and cocreation with the higher intelligence to enter your BEing. In the East, this has been called being one with the Tao. In the west,  being one with God.

In this surrender you become a clear empty channel for magic and daily miracles to move through you beyond your ability to understand or comprehend.
In this sweet surrender the ONE divine light shines victorious.

Enjoy your weekend! Below are some deeper ways to plug in…

Love, Light, Compassion & a little bit of Magic
-Brian Piergrossi
July 15, 2016, West Asheville NC


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