About School Shootings …

About School Shootings

My heart, love and prayers goes out to all of those who have been directly, or indirectly affected by the school shooting in Florida this past week.

A time of tragedy and collective trauma is when it’s most essential to pull together and support each other, share empathy and compassion for each other, make time for introspection, ask questions, learn, grow, evolve and mature together as a culture and a society.

It’s disappointing, therefore. to see us instinctively, get lost and stuck in finger pointing and blaming each other. The first question that always seems to enter the collective psyche is: Who’s fault is it? Who should be punished, arrested, fired, killed, or at least made to suffer? All sorts of individuals, groups and organizations begin blaming, and scapegoating each other. The media loves it and nothing significantly changes.

The individuals who perpetrate these acts are part of a larger culture. They are part of a larger interconnected whole. Every facet effects every other facet. We are part of an interwoven web, we are are each cells in a larger body. This is both spiritually and scientifically proven.

With this realization, instead of looking for who’s to blame and who should be made to suffer, I look in the mirror and hold myself responsible. I am aware I am always a part of what I see. I am part of this culture. I am part of this human condition.

With this realization I ask questions like: “How can I get better?” “How can I be more loving?” “How can I be more kind?” “How can I be more self-aware?” “How can I be more courageous?” “How can I be more intelligent?” “What can I learn?” “How can I be of greater service to the whole right now?”

What would happen if more of us started asking ourselves these questions on a daily basis?
This doesn’t mean there aren’t also organizations, institutions and individuals outside of us that that need to change. We can actually work on the external level much more effectively and efficiently to create social change when we are grounded within.

What it means is the greatest level of empowerment, and the deepest love, spontaneously emerges when we realize that this change begins inside ourselves.

The more fully we can access and anchor in the stillness within, the more fully and freely we can offer the infinite peace we discover within to the world.

– Brian Piergrossi

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