Being “Spiritual”

Being “spiritual” is never an excuse to avoid the challenges before you.
It’s the reason you step more fully into those challenges.
Instead of avoiding and ignoring your challenges, learn to love to be challenged and to overcome those challenges… and don’t be afraid to ask for support. This is how we grow, evolve and expand in our consciousness.
Overcoming these challenges. Especially, if it’s on the behalf of others is what Joseph Campbell called “the hero’s journey”.
If your spiritual path is not actualizing your potential in your work, your relationship, your finances, your health, for yourself and the world, than you’re on the wrong spiritual path.
These are challenging times right now. Make ample time to be compassionate with yourself and others.
When a breakdown comes: be attentive, stay present, listen very close within.
This is a very precious moment.
There is great potential for the breakdown to be a breakthrough, and a breaking open… to a whole new level of awareness and empowerment.
You were born for this.

Brian Piergrossi

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