I Believe in the Good Things Comin’ …

I believe in the good things comin’ …

What a beautiful, powerful evening last night sharing our signature modality in downtown Asheville, to a full house, for the very first time after sharing it, and refining it, around the world over the past year.
Thank you to all of you who participated.

It’s very moving for us to sit in the closing circle and hear detailed stories of emotional, psychological, and physical healings, changes in perspective and life direction. That doesn’t happen without people willing to show up and be vulnerable.

What we are offering has become a unique combination of breathwork, reiki, energy work, meditation, healing music, and satsang immersed in a beautiful, growing and resonate community all wrapped in a two and a half hour bow.

It feels to me like Annie Marie and I are continuing to purify and deepen together as a dynamic, powerful facilitating duo.

When we facilitate together I often feel as though our love anchors the masculine / feminine polarity opening a sense of family, and communion in the room. Kind of like the parents you perhaps never had, telling you it’s OK to be yourself and love yourself as you are. 🙂

Next up:

-I’ll be leading satsang/meditation
in Asheville this Tuesday. Details TBA

-The next Super Glow Breathwork in Asheville will be held on
October 1st at Rusty Lotus Dojo from 6:30-9 PM

– Oct 4 – 6 The Big Glow Silent Retreat – Gainesville Florida at Gainesville Retreat Center

– Oct. 9 Atlanta GA. Super Glow Breathwork and live concert with John Stringer

Personal meditation/coaching/healing sessions with @Brian as well as one-on-one breathwork sessions with @Annie are ongoing and available worldwide upon request. In other words email me (thebigglow@gmail.com), or comment below.

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