Can We Live in a Deep State of Wonder?

You know what’s cool?

The way the sunlight glistens off a leaf, the shape of a dolphin, the sound of the wind as it rustles through the branches in the early evening twilight.

Can we live in a deep state of wonder?
When we realize we don’t know we are now more open and receptive to the moment. We now listen more closely. We pay closer attention. We notice more details. We are more sensitive to the subtleties and nuances. We are far more unique and creative. We learn much more quickly and we find much more fulfillment in the simplest moments. A mind that doesn’t know is open, quiet and clear and thus able to accomplish what’s in front of it.

In embracing the unknown, we are more present to the marvel of this moment rather than being caught in the worries of the future. or guilts and baggage of the past.

This has a positive effect on our relationships, professions and every aspect of our life. This gives us a new, more light-hearted perspective allowing us to feel life with much more humor, joy and raucous laughter.
– Brian Piergrossi

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