Celebrating Our Sexuality is the Only Solution

It’s amazing that most of the world still thinks shaming men and women for their sexual desires is a valuable way to create a safe and peaceful society. The real truth is quite the opposite.

Shaming and blaming young males for their sexual desires, for example. is not in any way going to protect women from sexual abuse. Repression and suppression only ever exacerbates, and intensifies that which is natural in unconscious, unhealthy and distorted ways..

Males sexual desire of females is as hardwired into the operating system as anything in the universe.  You’re going to have as much luck stopping it as you will stopping human beings from blinking.

There is only one real solution.  It is for both men and women to have the courage to unabashedly learn to celebrate sexual desire, and sexual expression  in healthy, consensual, creative, constructive, empowering, fun, and playful ways together, and first and foremost, within one self.

While it feels like we are light years away from this evolution of consciousness in the overwhelming majority of the world, where sexuality is still filled with fear and shame, and trauma, there are small pockets of communities where this is changing and these conversations, breakthroughs and epiphanies are happening.

– Brian Piergrossi

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