Deposit for the Silent Retreat

Hi friends! Brian and Annie here!

We’ve had a lot of people expressing a desire to experience our Silent Retreat weekend, yet haven’t been able to find a weekend this Spring that works for everyone..
So we’re going to try something a little bit different.

Instead of randomly setting a date and location and randomly crossing our fingers that it works for everyone. We’re going to check with YOU first!

Do YOU want to experience this powerful silent retreat with us?
When we hear back from 8 people we will find a date that works for those 8 people to experience this journey with us.

This is one of the most life changing things we’ve ever experienced. So needed in our moden world

Lyra, one of our previous participants describes it so well.:

“The four day Big Glow silent retreat was the perfect blend of stillness, yoga, breath-work and connection, all guided perfectly by amazing facilitators. I feel that we were assisted in exactly the right way for our needs. Such an open, authentic and natural environment, that really lent itself beautifully for the purpose of the weekend! So grateful for what you created for us.”

These silent retreats allow the nervous system to relax, the mind to quiet, the heart to open. They allow us to discover a deeper, more authentic sense of who we really are… and to express it in the world.

The paradox is in taking this time for ourselves, and discovering the essential stillness within, we move forward from these retreats being a better partner, a better parent, a better friend, and a better human.

In discovering a more authentic sense of who we really are, we develop a natural deepening of intimacy with the world around us and all those who inhabit the retreat with us.

We discover a greater clarity and empowerment within to actualize our true purpose.

More info and full schedule for our silent retreats here. Everything is accurate except the date which will change:


We’ve been doing these Silent Retreats in at The Gainesville Retreat Center at Gainesville Florida which is perfectly designed and suited for these retreats.

Cost for full 4 day retreat, all lodging and all meals is only: $495
(was previously $695)

– Free online meditation, visioning and mindfulness trainings by Brian leading up to the retreat for those that register.
– Free online Yoga class led by Annie
– Free ebooks of Brian’s book The Big Glow and The Wow of the Now
-Free access to Brian’s to all 12 classes of Brian’s most popular online course: ‘From Anxiety to Inner Peace’

Are you committed to experiencing this Silent Retreat with us and making your breakthrough?

Here is your action Item:
Submit a deposit of $50 here by April 12th:

If the retreat does not happen your deposit will be returned.

Does the thought of a 4 day silent retreat scare you, excite you, confuse, relax you?

Share with us in the comments…
We’ll answer any questions you have..

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