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People tend to think of me as having been a spiritual seeker.

However, at heart I was never really a spiritual seeker. I was always a truth seeker, first and foremost.

It was only that quest for truth that led me to the spiritual realm and the deeper understandings of truth.

To this day, my highest priority & allegiance is always to truth before anything else, or anyone else.

My work, with personal sessions, Big Glow retreats & workshops, has no spiritual or religious ideology.

It’s been all about creating spaces where people can be relaxed, and in the moment. Be honest & authentic with themself and each other.

I’ve found that creating that safe, sacred space for authenticity is the greatest healing & transformation we can give another.

It’s what what leads to deeper intimacy with ourselves, with each other, and with all of life.

Authenticity is of the moment. It can never lie anywhere else.

That which is inauthentic is not of the moment. It has a covert agenda, and a manufactured strategy, with a means to an end.

Generally, through our media channels, that end is either maximizing financial profit, or political control, or both.

Having dedicated my life to authenticity, openness, vulnerability, I can tell you that I’ve never seen, in my lifetime, a time that’s more fake.

Our politicians are fake. Our media is fake. Our Hollywood celebrities are fake. Our pop stars are fake. Our corporations are fake. Our social media is fake. Our commercials are fake. Our so-called “scientists” and their “science” is fake.  Our food is fake. Our media created racial conflicts are fake.

Even our reality TV shows are fake.. with scripted dialogue and story lines, covert commercial product placement etc.

Almost everything we’re being spoon fed has some manufactured agenda with a fake facade.

It’s all fake, and the good news is more and more people are realizing it. They’re sick of it and they’re opting out.

People long to feel something deeply genuine & authentic in this world.

There are beautiful moments of authenticity in this world.

The sunrise is authentic. The sound of the mountain creek is authentic. Muddy Waters singing the Blues is authentic. A deep belly laugh with friends is authentic. A deep orgasm with your lover is authentic.

You can feel what’s fully authentic because it has no agenda. It arises fully and completely from the deep miracle of the moment and subsides back into the void the same way.

There’s something almost miraculous about true authenticity.

Where does it come from?

Where does it go?

This is the way of the Mystic.

Our dedication to true authenticity is our greatest joy & liberation.

It’s what creates deep beauty,  and has an inherent organizing structure, that births everything from ant colonies to galaxies.

This is a community dedicated to discovering, and re-discovering, that which is authentic inside ourselves, and the universe, together.. and discerning that which is not.

Thank you for being here.

-Brian Piergrossi

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