Compassion is Cool! Corona Chronicles #2

Corona Chronicles #2
Ok friends, I’m being flooded with so many creative ideas in regards to what’s happening globally with the corona virus.
I see crystal clearly how this can be such a powerful transitional moment in the awakening of human consciousness.. and for some reporting to me, already is.
My challenge in the coming days is to clearly communicate with all of you what I see, why I see it, the steps that can be taken, and the tools to implement, to live it.
With that said, please do not mock, ridicule, or delegitimize , people who are struggling with fear or panic right now.
Compassion is cool!
If people are having a hard time, do what you can to be a source of support for them right now.
About,150,000 people are currently diagnosed with the corona virus.
Hundreds of millions, if not billions of people, around the world, struggle with anxiety and depression. Those struggles are being exacerbated right now.
I’ll personally be doing everything I can over the next few weeks to support you.
On the other side, if you need extra support right now, be humble and vulnerable enough to reach out and ask for help.
I assure you we are going to make it through this together stronger and wiser than ever.
Stay tuned for more …

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