Corona Chronicles #4: I Get It!

Corona Chronicles #4
I get it!
Your work is cancelled.
Your children’s school is cancelled.
All public events and gatherings are cancelled.
All sporting events are canceled.
Restaurants are closed.
Bars and cafes are closed.

There’s a virus sweeping through the planet.
You’re stressed.
You’re worried.
You’re anxious.
You’re scared.

A lot is uncertain, and it’s a scary time.

It’s essential to place our energy in a conscious, productive direction right now and to find the right allies, and communities to be our support network in doing so.

It’s possible, and important, now more than ever, to feel grounded, safe, aligned, inspired and on purpose, channeling your highest creativity, and manifesting miracles, during these turbulent times.

It’s possible to discover the unshakeable big glow that lies within.

Commit to make the shift from anxiety to freedom. Don’t do it for yourself. Do it for the people in your life you want to become a better person for. Your children, spouse, partner, family, community. They need you.

This is our time to shine.

You’re loved and supported in this community. Every step of the way. Everything is going to be alright and already is.

Let’s make the most of this moment in history.

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