The Dead Sea – We Are ALWAYS Traveling (Travel Blog 11-12)

Back in the USA and it’s fitting to arrive, and be hanging out, in what is probably the most internationally diverse city in the world.
There’s an electricity here in New York that you don’t resist, you just go with. Let it carry you and pulsate through you. Let it guide you to the magic and miracles that lie ahead for you.

I’ve learned so many things on this trip that are still processing and integrating inside to be shared very soon.

One thing I’ve learned that I want to share right now is that we are ALWAYS traveling.
Whether we are in seemingly very familiar territory or incredibly unfamiliar territory, our lives are nothing more than.. well.. a trip.

We are always traveling through space and time while the essence remains the same. In India they call this realization “the play of Lia”
Physically, mentally and emotionally the scenery is always changing.

So whether you are hugging your grandson
Or tending to your garden
Or petting your dog
Or watching a movie with your lover
Or sleeping underneath the stars in perfect silence
We are AlWAYS traveling and we are all travelers.
Life is an unending journey in the infinite heart of NOW.

So I am going to continue this blog series from time to time in places that may seem very familiar and mundane to you as well as places that may seem very exotic.

May we approach every moment, no matter how seemingly mundane, with the pure, open heart and wide-eyed innocence of a passing traveler. May we love this passing experience from the traveler’s eye of wonder and amazement.

(Resting in the healing muds on our trip to the Dead Sea in Jordan)

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