Donald Trump, John Stringer & Essay on Forgiveness

To begin to love what exists simply because it exists. This is when you no longer disagree with the moment. – Brian Piergrossi

Wising you a warm Friday from Sacramento California,

People have asked me to respond in regards to the presidential election.  Below you will see a 12 minute video with 4 principles to carry forward. Please feel free to let me know your response and let’s create a dialogue around this.

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Forgiveness is freedom and freedom and is continual forgiveness. A lightness of being that allows an intelligence and sensitivity to the moment. I leave you today with an essay on forgiveness:
“Forgiveness allows us to see this moment clearly and freely without the heaviness of the past.

Forgiveness means, we honor and appreciate the past for providing the lessons to bring us where we are today… and we then release the past to allow us to go where we are called to go next toward a higher evolutionary plane.

As human beings we are always changing and growing. We are not who we were in the past.

If you think you know someone, and your mind, and heart, is closed toward them, look again. They are not the same person they were yesterday, nor are you. It’s true those same patterns may be there. It’s also true they may not be. Look again in each and every single moment.

We are not particles. We are waves. We are in constant, unending motion.

When you start to see human beings this way, forgiveness no longer becomes merely a religious moral code you try to conform to. It’s a natural, intelligent way of seeing and being in the lifeforce of this moment in alignment with the truth of existence.

Forgiveness is not something that requires effort. It’s naturally the way this higher intelligence moves in the world from the liberated heart.”
with love,

Brian Satori Piergrossi
Nov.11 2016
Sacramento California



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.People have been asking my response to US Election.

(12 min) Four points for post US Trump Election

1) Deep compassion
2) Seeing the highest potentiality
3) Absolute non-cooperation & non-compliance to anything outside of the laws of the heart
4) Time to BE the change

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