Egypt: The Ancient Smile & Making New Friends (Travel Blog 8-10)

The Ancient Smile – Egypt (Travel blog #8-10)


Image may contain: 3 people, including Annie Marie, people smiling, people standingThis gentlemen was I guess what you could call the ‘doorman’ at our previous hotel.
I say he was the doorman because he was always on a bench by the door. Whether it was helping people like us with their bags, or talking with people, or sitting in stillness, his daily presence was as consistent by that door as the desert sun.
One day we left the hotel very early in the morning and we realized why he was always on the bench, in the same outfit, by the front door. He was sleeping on that bench. That bench was his home.

He didn’t speak English yet there was some kind of ancient Fellaheen stillness that transmitted from his essence. We came to greatly appreciate him. We came to look forward to him warmly greeting us each time we returned to the hotel with his serene gaze as if he’d watched a thousands empires rise and fall and had no doubt he’d see a thousand more .. and what difference does it make anyway? The essence remains the same.
We brought him extra food from our dinner the last night which he was very grateful for.
It doesn’t take a lot of words, or fancy ideas, to make a positive difference in peoples lives. This man’s presence, and the depth of stillness that emanated from his ancient smile each day, made a difference in ours.

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We are very humbled and gratified at the level of excitement around our work here in Egypt. Everywhere we go, in cafes and coffee shops, there’s been such excitement and hunger to discuss what we’re doing, our purpose, our mission, and what we are up to.
This week will be my first ever public talk and meditation in Egypt.
New doors are opening. Cultures are connecting in new ways and… love is all there IS.
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It was never part of the original plan to go to Egypt on this trip.. and yet somehow it was. “Remember God so much that you are forgotten.
Let the caller and the called disappear;
be lost in the Call.” – Rumi

May I continue to follow the call

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These are some of the brave and beautiful souls who were present in my Big Glow workshop on the root of inner peace, freedom, love and success last night in Alexandria Egypt. The root is realizing who you really are .. and living from that truth.
We discovered, once again, an absolute truth that transcends all cultural differences.
Thank you all for your beautiful feedback last night. Thank you for being with us and inspiring us with your openness and sincerity. We look forward to more.

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In traveling, instead of seeing the sights, or tourist attractions, when I travel I am more like an anthropologist. I am interested in sharing time with people. Sharing stories with them, singing with them, laughing with them, eating with them, praying with them. And in this cross-cultural pollination we both learn and grow much more than we ever would have otherwise.. Its about being busy making new friends, breaking old paradigms and building new bridges..

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