Ep 150 The Glow: The Power of Vulnerability – Cory Katuna & Brian Piergrossi

I loved this conversation with Cory Katuna. I felt like this conversation was not just theoretical, or intellectual, but an actual experiential journey into the heart of of exploring the power of vulnerability for creating incredible growth, evolution, intimacy and empowered transformation in ones life and relationships. In doing so we discuss everything from her travels in Egypt, journeys with Islam and the Bedouin people, Peru, free diving, fight club, high risk situations as invitations to live in the moment, the importance of the breath as the gateway to self awareness, the great wisdom of embracing insecurity, the potential for humans to be highly adaptable to the challenges we face. giving up wanting to be comfortable. Cory was joining from a wifi cafe in Peru.and the connection was a little spotty toward the end. Thanks for bearing with that. It was a beautiful episode. Enjoy! . More on Cory: http://Corykatuna.com

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“Thank you for your insight. A great peace unfolded in me in such a short time of listening . I am crying as though a weight as been taken from me. I had forgotten who I was. Thank you for bringing me back home to myself.” – J.F. United Kingdom

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