Ep 161 The Glow: The 4 Things I Learned from 4 Days of Silence

Are there benefits in being silent for 4 days? After just returning from leading a 4 day Silent Retreat in Florida, I share 4 insights that I will forever take forward with me and intend to integrate into my life.
Some are more obvious such as realizing even more clearly how complaining is a waste of energy. Some were total surprises such as how silence together, as opposed verbal processing, can deepen intimacy, connection and communication in a romantic relationship.

There was a surprise appearance in the beginning by my amazing 2 year old friend Sia who knows me as Uncle Brian. 🙂

The Embodied Silent Retreat was revolutionary experience for us filled with insights, inner stillness and creative inspiration. We’d love to see you join us one soon.

This podcast was done in the beauty and powerful of the Blue Ridge Mountains.outside Asheville North Carolina.

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