Ep 166 The Glow: Why Are We So Weird About Sex? – Sofia Sundari & Brian Piergrossi

Why are we so weird about sex? Why do we create such shame and guilt around an energy, and a drive, that is so innate and natural within us?

How do we embrace this energy as divine and sacred?

What is the key to great sex?

What is the best relationship style polyamory or monogamy? What is theogamy?

Can BDSM be sacred and divine?

Should a man think with his head or his cock? The answer may surprise you.

What’s difference between control and power?

Can sexual surrender be a gateway to spiritual surrender?

We delve into all this and more with my guest Sofia Sundari
Sofia is a Tantra & sacred sexuality teacher.
Bestselling author of “Liberation into Orgasm” & Founder of the Priestess School


More on Sofia: http://sofiasundari.com
More on Brian; http://Brianpiergrossi.com


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