Ep 167 The Glow: How to Enter the Flow State – Zulu Flow Zion & Brian Piergrossi

I thoroughly enjoyed this episode with Zulu Flow Zion. It happened close to midnight in order to coordinate with him in Australia and just after an event I held in Asheville which gave it a unique and powerful feel. I was not able to track him down online till about the 8 minutes in. Go to the 8 minute mark if you want to go straight to the conversation. What was beautiful about the conversation is that I felt it was both an intellectual and experiential dive into what it means to be in the flowstate. We were experiencing what we were discussing. Combining his background in coaching, lifestyle design, and mindfulness Zulu specializes in combining ancient mindfulness and energy cultivation practices with modern coaching and universal principles to help people perform at their peak and be in The Flow Zone more often.


More on Zulu: http://theflowzone.club/

More on Brian; http://Brianpiergrossi.com

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