Ep. 192 From Obligation to Inspiration. How to Connect with God: Guest Simon Paul Sutton

It’s podcast time! It was a beautiful location overlooking the ocean on the island of Koh Phangan in the late afternoon when Paul Sutton and sat down and recorded this lively conversation.
I don’t use the word “God” much these days when I point at the Infinite Essence at the heart of all creation, however in this podcast I spoke about God quite a bit.

We explore how to move from obligation to inspiration in ones daily life and the best, most consistent way, I’ve found to connect, and be guided by, the higher power each day.

This is the fourth podcast Simon and I have recorded together.
There’s a vitality, playfulness and creative aliveness in all our conversations that I trust you will feel.
This is a simulcasted podcast that will air on both of our channels.
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