The Big Glow Feb Newsletter: Florida and North Carolina


The Big Glow Feb Newsletter: Florida and North Carolina

Greetings to all,
Lots of things are really taking off right now. Below I will update you on some of them.

Early Bird Deadline for The Big Glow Retreat is Feb 4th:

Feb 4th is the deadline for early bird special special for the Big Glow Weekend Retreat at Stone House Retreat Center, Apr 2-4th, in North Carolina. There are 4 spots left. Do you want one?

Tour Dates:

I will be doing workshops, speaking engagements and retreats at many different locations in Florida and North Carolina in February and March. Here is the tour schedule as it currently stands:

Feb 5: Miami: The Big Glow: Discovering the Light Within

Feb: 12-14 LoveFest 2010- Bonita Springs FL:

Feb 20: Boca Raton: Life Coaching Donation for Sunflower Silent Auction

Feb 27th: Miami: The Big Glow Presents- Club Now! -Organic Dance Jam- More info on this in the coming week.

Mar 3rd: Orlando- The Big Glow: Discovering the Light Within

Mar 6th & 7th: Raleigh NC- The Big Glow: Discovering the Light Within

Mar 8th & 9th: Lecture to students- Living as a Life Artist: Living Arts College, Raleigh

Mar 11 and 13th: Asheville NC: The Big Glow: Discovering the Light Within

March 20th: Ft. Lauderdale: The Big Glow: Discovering the Light Within

Apr 2-4th: The Big Glow Retreat: Feb 4th Early Bird Deadline. Register

Address, specific times, and other details on any of these dates are on the homepage in the events section:

The Big Glow Online Community Free Online Chat Every Wednesday:

I continue to hold free online chats and group meditation every Wednesday night, beginning 10pm est, on a variety of topics each week in the Big Glow Online Community with participants from around the world. Your presence is always welcome:

Personally Signed Copies of The Big Glow:

I am offering personally signed copies of the The Big Glow. Do you own a copy yet? Do your friends? Use this link to order:

New Book Soon! :

I have been working on the new book quite intensely this week. I can’t wait for you to read it!

Personal Life Coaching:

The primary way I aid in deeply transforming people’s lives and their limiting, unconscious beliefs, is through my life coaching.

Would you like this kind of support in your corner?

Contact me to schedule a free orientation:

What is a life coach?

Plug-in in whatever ways feel best for you. See you along the journey.

With Light, Love, and Little bit of Magic,

-Brian Piergrossi
Life Coach, Author, Spiritual Teacher

“When the pillars of my limited mind collapsed, the roof caved in and I could take in the beauty of the stars.”
-Brian Piergrossi

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