I Feel Very Excited Tonight

I feel very excited tonight. Pendulums creative momentum for bigger counter swings.

Out of every dark age historically comes a renaissance.

We’re on the verge of a new renaissance to a world humanity has never experienced before. A world of new forms of music & architecture… healing modalities… psychic, telepathic and intuitive gifts… sexual healing and empowered integration of our deep primal energies with our metaphysical awareness… pure, clear water and pure, clean air… greater intellectual capacity, greater intelligence of the heart and greater unification between the two… all immersed in the pure awareness of who we really are as Infinite BEings.

We are walking, talking miracles. Each a unique expression of the Divine. Here to create new universes and revel in our own sacred beauty reflected in all we encounter. We are not here merely to work and consume. Our mission is so much greater.

This new world we imagine. We imagine it for one simple reason. Because It’s up to us to create it. Those of us in this group, in this community. We are the leaders of this new revolution.

The rest of the world is becoming more and more deeply mired in fear, anxiety, worry, stress, shame, blame, guilt, coercion, control and manipulation, paranoia, hysteria, anger, outrage and deception, through the hypnotic spells of the Mainstream Media and online portals: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google etc.

it’s up to us to come together, as often as possible, online, and even more importantly, in person, in the spirit of love, joy, freedom, empowerment, inspiration, creativity, sovereignty, intelligence, sacred music, pure inner stillness and celebration in this simple gift of Now. It’s up to us to swim more and more deeply together in the great power, clarity, wisdom and life force of this Unified Field called the Universe.

Shine the light that lies inside us. Sometimes I call it the Big Glow.

We were born precisely for this.

Brian Piergrossi

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