I Found Something Better Than Positive Thinking.

I would like to clarify something. I am not into positive thinking.
I am also not into negative thinking.
In fact, I am not that into thinking at all.
I’ve discovered thinking, at best, to be a secondary form of intelligence. It breaks the universe into arbitrary things and then analyzes those pieces in a self-constructed, linear. cause and effect model.
Our current scientific, medical. political, academic, and social systems, are all based on this level of thinking alone. Breaking the universe down to separate things. Then analyzing the linear cause and effect of those things. Then how to manipulate and control those things for what the individual deems to be advantageous to their personal desires.
None of this self-constructed universe is ultimately real, yet seems ultimately real when you are lost inside it.
Now a days this illusionary, interconnected, construction, of a linear, causal, material world is often best referred to as “the matrix” after the 1999 movie of the same name.
There is, however, a much deeper, higher intelligence than thought. It’s sourced from a vast, infinite, emptiness that transcends time and space, birth and death. It is endlessly creative, vibrant, alive, inspired, loving, free, aware and ever-present.
Once this intelligence is accessed, thinking can, and does, become a beautiful complimentary tool of this universal, creative intelligence.
This unified intelligence, beyond the mind, has been called many different names by many people, and groups of people, throughout history.
God, Allah, Buddha, Tao, Atman, Great Spirit to name a few.
These names, and these religions, both traditional and New Age, have mostly deadened the direct communication with this intelligence by further entrapping people into analytical thought through words, ideas, dogma, commandments, morality, and laws.
My deepest intention is not to make others feel happy and not make others think positive thoughts.
It is to support others in awakening to the ever flowing well spring of this deepest intelligence beyond the mind. The source point of a timeless peace, freedom, love, inspiration and empowerment that lies deeper than any passing little thought or feeling,
This requires facing ALL the parts of ourselves we’ve been avoiding, denying, fearing, repressing. Then embracing and re-integrating them as a beautiful part of our wholeness.
The parts of ourselves we wall off as ‘not worthy’ are truly our latent superpowers.
This journey can at times feel very difficult, and uncomfortable. Yet, it’s the greatest, grandest, most exciting journey there is.
This journey is our true purpose for being here.
Any questions?
-Brian Piergrossi

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