From Punishment to Transformation

There’s something about us as human beings that feels the need to idealize or demonize others. Particularly those who are public figures. or those in positions of authority. It’s been this way for thousands of years and it’s deeply ingrained in our collective conditioning.  We tend to do one of two things.

1) We look for the perfect God-like savior to save us from all our problems and project perfection and salvation onto. (I.E. Jesus)
2) We look for the evil monster to project our blame for everything that disgusts and repels us inside on to. (I.E. Hitler, Devil)

We don’t want to take the responsibility and acknowledge that these aspects are part of our collective consciousness and thus inside ourselves as well.

As we evolve, mature, and continue to integrate, we are being called forward not to demonize, or idealize another, but to embrace and integrate these aspects in ourselves and become whole inside ourselves.

It’s easier, and quite honestly, much lazier, to demonize a public figure as some evil monster or idealize them as some perfect God-like being  instead of seeing them as a human being just like us.
A complex evolving human with some powerful gifts and also shortcomings and blindspots.  It may be even more difficult to acknowledge them as a reflection of unintegrated aspects of ourselves.

The truth of unity consciousness is that there is nothing outside of us.

I find the more we evolve on this path the more humble we become in ourselves and the more compassionate and forgiving we become toward others. We evolve beyond idealizing others or demonizing others.  We evolve beyond putting another in a box, and in doing so we liberate ourselves.

We start to have a deep sense of compassion and forgiveness when we realize that everything we are seeing in others is part of the collective consciousness and therefore also lies within.

Its been said: “We all make mistakes” and that’s true. Not only have I learned that we all as human beings make mistakes but I will take it a step further.  To truly evolve and grow in our consciousness it’s essential that we have the courage and vulnerability to make lots and lots of mistakes. The more mistakes we make the more opportunity there is to grow.  The less mistakes we make the less opportunity there is to grow.  The road to great wisdom lies in making lots and lots of mistakes and most importantly, doing our best to learn from them.

The more compassion and forgiveness we have for ourselves, the more compassion and forgiveness we will have for others. The more accelerated our learning, growth and evolution will be and the more loving, conscious, creative and compassionate world we create together.

Then instead of seeking to punish and humiliate others who have made mistakes, we will seek to bring them into a higher light of awareness as a loving reflection of ourselves.

– Brian Satori Piergrossi

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