From Reactionships to Creationships / From Miami to the SF Bay

Hello Wondrous BEings!
Happy Friday!

It’s been quite amazing, abundant and full couple of weeks. I’m in Miami today. After being a featured presenter at the Equinox Celebration here yesterday (see me on video from yesterday here: ),
I’ll be teaching my Life Artist Mastery Course tonight at the Bagua Center, and also offering private sessions while I’m here. I’m very excited about this ground breaking new course that integrates self-realization and life artistry (manifestation) and look forward to seeing many of you tonight, and trhougout the week, and in time, sharing it around the world..

Miami is a special place in the world, very unique culturally and spiritually, So spicy!! Picante!! 🙂 It’s really the point on the map where South America and North America crash into each other, not to mention, the Caribbean. Europe. Israel.. There’s really nowhere else I’ve ever been quite like it.

Sitting in the warm twilight last night with with the sun slowly melting in the infinite blue waters like soft ice cream, I came across the following passage in my book, The Wow of the Now’ :

;”Reaction-ships are bad Relation-ships are better Creation-ships are the best,

Whatever knowledge you have is based on the past. Continually knowing and unknowing another each day opens the space for the deepest intimacy, vibrancy, vulnerability and presence. It is then that you can say:

‘I love you
I see you
I don’t know you
But I’m willing to discover you anew in each moment’

Yes, ‘creationships’, that’s the future…

To cocreate together in our relatings from the zero point of infinite possibility is the highest form of fulfillment and the highest form of magic. What kind of magic do you want to create together over the next few months? :)Below are some upcoming opportunities….

Thank you for being here…

Brian Satori Piergrossi
Sept 23, 2016 Miami Florida


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Upcoming Public Events:

Featured: Sept 23-29 – Miami FL (Bagua Center), The Life Artists Mastery Program: Seven Days to Everywhere! – Brian Piergrossi

Oct 1-2 Asheville NC: Brian is Featured Presenter at ‘The Resonate Festival’

New: Oct 15 Cancun Mexico – The Big Glow One Day Retreat: Secrets to Love, Peace, Freedom & Success

Oct 22-23: The Life Artist Mastery Online Retreat w Brian Piergrossi (more info next week)

Oct. 28: Petaluma, California: The Big Glow at Night w/ Brian Piergrossi

Oct. 29-30 Sepastopol California.. The Big Glow Retreat: The Science of Magic w/ Brian Piergrosi Hosted by Irene V

New: Nov 4-6 Mt. Shasta California, The Sacred Alchemy Retreat – Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, and Fun

Nov 18-20 The Sacred Matrix Retreat – Pacifica California

Dec 9-12 The Big Glow Retreat: The Art of Manifestation: Relationships, Abundance & Purpose  Brian Piergrossi and John Stringer – Namestoy Retreat Center (One Hour North of Atlanta)

April 1-4 The Urban Mystic Retreat: Empowerment and Transformation with Dale Alan Hoffman and Brian Piergrossi – Asheville NC

April 13-19 Italy Retreat with Valeria Tignini & Brian Piergrossi

May 26-30 Norway – Details TBA

Online: This weeks “Inspirational Glow” on FB Live 🙂  Watch here: 

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