Is the grass ever actually greener on the other side?

Is the grass ever actually greener on the other side?

Do external changes ever facilitate, sustained internal changes?

There’s so many examples of ways unhappy human beings seek happiness externally. New house, new spouse or lover, new job, new car, new baby, new nose, new tattoo, new gender, new plant medicine ceremony, new intentional community etc..

But do these external changes actually facilitate sustained internal changes, and fill the empty feeling inside.. or do they only provide a temporary distraction, from the internal suffering, before the next superficial change is sought?

Is it external changes that create sustained internal changes, or is it internal changes  in consciousness that create the sustained, external changes in our lives?

As with any deep inquiry, the answer is not black & white. It can, at times, be an integrated, combination of both, and often is.

However, one thing is for sure.

The internal openings in consciousness, are more important and fundamental to sustained change than impulsive, surface level, external changes

Spiritual teachers, and sages,  throughout history,  have informed us that the gateway to sustained well being is to realize the timeless, spiritual essence of who we really are.

Freedom, love, inner peace, & empowerment are not something you attain externally.

Never has been. Never will be.

They are discovered within.

The great paradox is, this inner discovery of the infinite light within, is also the greatest way to change the world around us.

-Brian Piergrossi


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