The Greatest Horror Movie Ever. “The Corona”

The Corona Chronicles #1
Brian Piergrossi
It really is the greatest horror movie ever made! Right?
Here is the premise.
In the year 2020, in a world where humanity is more globally interconnected and interdependent than at any other time in human history, there is a new virus that spreads. It spreads itself through the air. You can’t see it. You don’t know who has it. There’s an infectious incubation phase of several days before people show any systems. It’s a “novel virus”. There is no historical immunity, no treatment, no vaccine, and no cure.
All large public events, and all sporting events are cancelled. Flights around the world are cancelled or banned. Schools and universities are cancelled. The stock market is tanking, the economy is crashing, and the groceries stores are out of toilet paper!
What about the political leadership?
The President of the United States is a reality TV show star who has never had any experience in politics, and seems to spend most of his day (and night) fighting with people on twitter.
Even DisneyWorld is closed! The place where dreams really do come true.
Humanity is in a global panic. Lost, confused, afraid.
What happens next?
We are co-writers and producers of this screenplay, so we can decide how we want the story to go.
There’s many options.
There will be many plot twists, and I’m am not sure how long the movie will be
However, I have a clear sense of how the movie will end.
In my movie, the adversity and challenges we face with the corona virus are going to force us to work together more closely, more vulnerably.
To learn new life lessons together, expand, evolve, and awaken in our consciousness.
To deepen our empathy and compassion muscles.
To open our hearts and minds wider.
It’s going to push us to bring forth our deepest, most latent gifts online.
It will force us to love deeper. It will make us more resilient, courageous and strong.
It will lead us toward discovering the true freedom, empowerment, serenity that lies within.
To recognize the universal divinity reflected in each other’s eyes.
It will nudge us toward realizing deeper levels of presence, gratitude, creativity and beauty that lie inside us..
It will push us toward realizing our unlimited potential, and the infinite essence of who we truly are.
Stay tuned for more…

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