Greetings from Timeless Mexico! Upcoming Events..

Hola Amigos!
Happy Friday!

Greetings from Mexico!

I actually forgot what day it is today and then I realized it’s Friday! It’s time to send out my weekly inspirational letter. 🙂
Mexico is an easy place to forget what day it is, or what time it is.  The push of achievement is lessened here, and the value of relaxation and community is made a higher priority.

There’s actually a saying here “On Mexican Time”. or “Mayan Time”.
This means things will happen when they happen. No need to get to stressed about the timing.

“Cinco minutos” could mean in a just a few minutes, or a few hours, or a few days 🙂
One can never be sure but we can relax knowing things will unfold in perfect divine timing and that the magic and miraculousness of this moment is all there ever really IS.

And whatever doesn’t happen today, Not to worry. There’s always “manana”. 🙂  .. another day in the timeless NOW.

One of the primary aspects of spiritual awakening and meditation is that your joy, and inner peace is no longer based on the content of your experience but rather on the vast, infinite space between the content.  In this pure, infinite awareness, we discover. and anchor into. who and what we truly are beyond the illusionary identification and attachment to a separate self that is born and dies..

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I have some weekend retreats in Northern California coming up with open registration and several spots including scholarship discounts available..

i also have some 3 month personal coaching package spots available.

I feel so blessed to be sharing this paradoxical journey together with you into the timeless heart of Now and the pure authentic creativity and relaxed excitement it brings…
Thank you for BEing,

Brian Satori Piergrossi
Oct. 7, 2016
Playa Del Carmen, Mexico…


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Upcoming Public Events:

Oct 15 Cancun Mexico – The Big Glow One Day Retreat: Secrets to Love, Peace, Freedom & Success

Oct. 28: Petaluma, California: The Big Glow at Night w/ Brian Piergrossi

Oct. 29-30 Sepastopol California.. The Big Glow Retreat: The Science of Magic w/ Brian Piergrosi Hosted by Irene V

Nov 4-6 Mt. Shasta California, The Sacred Alchemy Retreat – Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, and Fun

Nov 9-16 Boulder Colorado (tentative)

Nov 18-20 The Sacred Matrix Retreat: Discovering Authentic Love – Pacifica California

Dec 9-12 The Big Glow Retreat: The Art of Manifestation: Relationships, Abundance & Purpose  Brian Piergrossi and John Stringer – Namestoy Retreat Center (One Hour North of Atlanta)

April 1-4 The Urban Mystic Retreat: Empowerment and Transformation with Dale Alan Hoffman and Brian Piergrossi – Asheville NC

April 13-19 Italy Retreat with Valeria Tignini & Brian Piergrossi

May 26-30 Norway – Details TBA

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photo by Katherine Terra:  Resonate Festival Asheville NC Oct 1 2016 

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