Images Come and Go … – Brian Satori Piergrossi

Images come and go and yet the light remains.
All is the Self. Indivisible, timeless, pure, and innocent, beyond any and all egoic contraction.
Said a different way: Everything is God .. and God is all there is.

It all IS …. beyond the minds capacity to comprehend, understand or define it. I often poetically call it: “The Big Glow”

Whether you realize it or not, this is home. This is the unshakable, infinite essence out of which the vast play of time and space continually emerges and falls back into …

Realize this and you start to realize the deeper meaning of a word that transcends good and bad, right and wrong and also includes it: ‘Neutrality’.

Rest in the Absolute like a baby in a bathtub…. Feel the incredible passion in your belly to create new universes with aligned purpose, pure potency and powerful intent.

Now you’re filled with the creative fire. You’ve become one with the supreme life artist, a supersonic tantric ninja.

Make profound love with each delicious moment unconditionally because love is the electric substrate that transcends time… and this unified field of love is the essence of who you truly are.

So why not love yourself everywhere you look today ? Say yes quickly.

– Brian Satori Piergrossi
West Asheville NC, USA


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