Inspirational Tale of Unconditional Love – The Story of my Grandfather

My Grandfather’s full name was Charles Orazio Piergrossi

Charles was of the generation that was born in a time when there were no planes, cars, radio, TV, telephones, and certainly no internet, yet, he saw all of these things come into being in the course of his life time. 

He grew up on a farm, going to the grocery store by horse and carriage.

I used to enjoy hearing his stories.  I once asked what they did for fun in those early days. He looked at me with a  surprised face and said: “We talked to each other.”

He was not a famous man. You won’t find his name in the dictionary or the encyclopedia. He was not an educated man. He dropped out of school at an early age to help support the family. He was never a very wealthy man. He was a family man.

In their elder years, my Grandmother, his only wife, of close to 50 years, came down with alzheimers.  

In the last years of her life, as her physical and mental health continued to deteriorate, he devoted his life to caring for her and I was able to observe some of this as a young child.

He fed her.  He bathed her.  Dressed her. Brushed her hair, Took her to Doctor appointments. Put her to bed at night. Got her out of bed in the morning. Took her in and out of her wheel chair.  All this when, toward the end of her life, cognitively, she no longer knew his name, or could speak at all.


Though I am sure this scenario was very challenging at times. Never once did I hear him complain about his life, or wish he was in a different situation. 

Is there is an unconditional love so strong, deep and powerful in me? In you?

My Grandfather is an inspiration. He is proof of the enormous potential strength and deep, powerful, unconditional love that lies inside us all of us as human beings

There are thousands of true heroes just like him around the world today, whose inspirational stories of unconditional are not sensational enough to make it to the evening news. These true heroes show us what is possible.

You won’t find Charles Piergrossi’s name in the dictionary or the encyclopedia. He never killed anyone on a battlefield or conquered people in far away lands. But, if you want to know if true unconditional love exists in this human dimension, in ordinary lives, in ordinary people, you can think about my Grandfather.  

With love, light and a little bit of magic

Brian Satori Piergrossi
Sept 1, 2016  West Asheville NC, USA

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