Invitation to ‘Urban Mystic Retreat’: Experience my Asheville

Meditation, Community, Ceremony, Conscious Music, Breathwork, Ecstatic Dance, Yoga, Nature Walks, Spiritual Discourse, Great Restaurants,
We’re really excited to share the magical Spring mountains and the magical community of Asheville with you…

The Resonate Festival Presents: The Urban Mystic Retreat : Experience My Asheville

with Brian Piergrossi, John Stringer and Dale Allen Hoffman

Saturday, April 1st through Tuesday April 4th, 2017

Asheville, North Carolina

Space is limited. Register now.

There’s a tremendous passion right now to create community spaces with small groups of people to explore awakened collective consciousness as the next evolution of human BEingness and the most fundamental way to transform one self and the world. We’ve found nothing more exciting, and utterly riveting than to sit in these spaces with an open heart, open mind and open body in the ground of BEing and discover the new collective intelligences that want to flower between us and the love and wisdom that transcends conditionality. And not we get to share it with you in one of the most amazing communities in the world in the most magical mountains, We are excited, inspired and in aligned purpose for ourselves and the world at large.

Come experience Asheville with us!!

-Learn to recreate your life story

-Live from your highest purpose

-Discover the true power of the mind and also the heart

– Discover your most authentic self and how to live in the moment

-Become aware of and transcend unconscious limiting beliefs -Discover peace within and how to live beyond anxiety.

– Bring more fulfillment and success to your relationships, career, finances, physical/mental and spiritual health – Create new friendships and conscious, spiritual community

– Birth the new culture inside yourself

– Experience powerful live conscious music
– Experience the healing power of breathwork
– Feel the power of Asheville’s ecstatic dance
– Experience great restaurants and downtown scene
-Be inspired and awed by the natural beauty of the mountains, community and culture of Asheville

We know from years of experience, there is something so valuable about getting away and joining others in coming into alignment with your own authenticity.

These retreats are a unique, wonderful weekend of insight, connection and enlightenment as an experiential answer to life’s deeper questions.

The intention of these unique retreats is to come together with others on a path of living more consciously, with greater self-awareness, and open-heartedness, in every aspect of our lives for greater well-being in oneself and the world at large.

A supportive, inspiring, intimate space of natural beauty is provided to come together as a community with others to transform ourselves, our future and our world, in a positive way.

These retreats are a weekend long, unique, evolving exploration, experiential exercise, and inquiry into what it means to live fully, present and alive to each moment, ever more deeply moving into the vast power of this Now, free from the burdens and anxieties of past and future.

Brian, Dale and John will be facilitating events during the retreat. There will be smaller group circles each day as well.

The Urban Mystic Retreat is a co-creative experience. It is a group experiment in awakening to the conscious potential of each moment… An opportunity to relax and open up to a deeper level of authenticity, clarity, purpose and connection.

Participants share music, dance, yoga, hiking, bodywork, and stimulating, heartfelt, intimate conversation with new friends and old.

There is plenty of solitary space for silent contemplation and meditation, as well as a weekend filled with many unexpected miracles and inspirational moments.

This relaxed, rejuvenating, intimate retreat will have space available 20 participants so space is very limited. Reserve immediately and take advantage of early bird special to assure your spot.

Come ready and open to share your unique gifts and wisdom and receive the gifts of others on the path. Come with the intention to create one of the most incredible weekends of your life!


Author – Life Coach – Spiritual Teacher Brian Piergrossi

Through cutting-edge teachings about the spiritual path, mindfulness meditation, dialogue and experiential exercises, author of The Big Glow and The Wow of the Now, international life coach and spiritual teacher, Brian Piergrossi will guide you into a space of greater inner peace, self love, freedom and empowerment. Discover your most authentic self, express and embody it in the world, and network with others on a similar path.


• Discover your authentic spiritual essence and how to live and be guided by the moment


• Discover an integral/holistic approach to live from your highest evolutionary potential


• Learn to recreate your life story to become aware of and transcend unconscious limiting beliefs systems


• Discover inner peace, self-love, inner clarity and purpose as a unique individual


• Create lasting community and bring more fun, joy and laughter into your life



Life Teacher – Speaker – Singer/Songwriter – Healer John Stringer

John Stringer is a life teacher, speaker, billboard charting singer-songwriter, healer, and author with a passion for music, community, expansion and limitless love and light. As a reflection of you and an extension of the one, his music and message are a result of his surrender to Love and his spiritual journey. As he recognizes more of what Love / God / Spirit is, exploring the divine mystery Yeshua (Jesus) illuminated, he travels to share his experiences through music and talks


John will share music and a message of love and light to help experience the frequencies and vibrations of oneness, acceptance, love and forgiveness. Some of the words and vibrations experienced may assist you in releasing blocks, uncovering blind spots to be released and recognizing the abundance of love, intelligence and power available to you, as you. Together, we recognize and realize the grand plan.



Ancient Language, Culture and Philosophy Mystic Dale Allen Hoffman

Dale Allen Hoffman is a “civilian scholar”, mystic and healer – Ancient Insight for the Present Moment. Rather than studying religious history from within the orthodoxy of theological institutions, Dale chose to step off the track of religious programming and take a path less traveled. He encourages others to stop “eating from the menu being served” and to instead embrace an honest, balanced exploration of the actual, authentic history and mythology of The Yeshua [Jesus] Teachings in all of its manifestations. He travels internationally sharing the experiential philosophies veiled beneath millennia of misunderstandings, skewed translations and a general lack of perception. Dale has published numerous audio and video programs and is author of the book Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light.


Echoes of an Ancient Dream: Aramaic Toning on the Path of Light is a soul journey back to the beginning of the primal vibrations of Life Itself. Dale Allen Hoffman offers insightful guidance on how to awaken the deep experiential wisdom threaded within The Yeshua Teachings through the ancient indigenous practice of vocal toning. Dale guides us into the process of toning the Aramaic words of Yeshua (Jesus) to activate lucid states of alert, ecstatic Presence within a matter of seconds. Learn how to integrate the profound, transformational sound healing process of vocal toning into all facets of your life, work and relationships. Dale is also offering StillPoint Shamanic Breathing and Energetic Alchemy Circles

with Warm Spikenard Third Eye Anointing, Heart Crystal Signing Bowl and Buffalo Hoop Drum Dream Journeying and a community Criollo Ceremonial Cacao Circle.


$495 Early Bird

$548 Middle Bird

$688 Big Bird


Space reserved with $200 minimum deposits

All payments non-refundable but can be used toward future retreats

Space is limited. Register now.

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