Italy is Magical!



Italy is magical!! I’m very excited to announce Annie and I are leading an amazing, affordable 7 day retreat in Italy June 23 – 29.
Check out these beautiful pictures of our stunning location.
This retreat is limited to 8 people.
More info and how to register HERE

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Try this: When in doubt and confusion, love someone. It could be a child, a stranger, a homeless person, a toll booth attendant, an enemy, a man, a woman, a parent, a mentor, a dog, a plant. Take a moment to truly love someone and see if the doubt and confusion falls away. When in the spirit of love, the mind quiets and everything becomes more clear. – Brian Piergrossi from the book ‘The Wow of the Now’

—–Looking forward to  April 20th – 22nd, 2018 at Brittany’s Mountain Retreat, Asheville, NC where The Big Glow Retreat: The Four Levels of Love will take place. A gorgeous weekend awaits us..


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