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People who consider them self “spiritual but not religious” often feel disconnected from the kind of community they desire.

I think it can be hard for all of us to find the consistent support, care, tools and wisdom we need to truly thrive.

People that see your shine… even on the days when you may not, yet you also trust to give you some tough love when you need it.

People that will love you as exactly as you are in this moment, yet hold you accountable to live out your highest potential.

A community with divine flow, yet also with structure and accountability.

I have a beautiful, powerful, transformational, growing online community to tell you about.

For over 2 years now we meet live online in a private Facebook group every Wednesday. All sessions are archived and can be played back anytime.

I lead us in a powerful opening, guided meditation, share the topics and themes of the week, followed by open Q and A, and some homework to take forward into next weeks meeting. People often come on video with me, discuss things they are working through and would like more clarity on, as well as their successes from the previous week,

Its a small group of diverse people from countries all over the world. Because its a private subscription group committed for the long haul, there is an openness and vulnerability and trust in the sharing you don’t find in the public postings.

I also have the freedom in this group to to ask questions and explore cutting edge, outside the box topics, I don’t ask in the public space.

Here’s whats so special about this community. It’s not a “spiritual community” and its not a manifestation community. It’s a unique integration of both!

When we become centered and still inside, we are able to access a clear, creative intelligence that upgrades the quality of our relationships, our work, our physical health, our finances, and our connection with Source. This community creates a unified field that allows you to do that.

“The Secret Glow Community has been an anchor of positivity for me during a very difficult and disorienting transition in my life. Brian has been deeply supportive, saw a clear path for me & consistently held to that vision of success which eventually helped me discover it too!

The results have been amazing. Since joining the Secret Glow community, I am now making money doing impactful & meaningful work that I love. I am living in the place of my dreams and spend several months a year traveling the world. I’ve gotten into the best shape of my life and cultivated a new magical relationship with my true soulmate.

Brian’s guidance, support, and laser-sharp perceptions got me here.”

– M.K., Minneapolis, MN

This community is now ready to grow its membership. .

If you are seeing this it’s not by mistake. It’s a divine love tap. You’re invited to join us.

Take 2 minutes to sign up. There’s a 7 day free trial to check it out.

I promise you, a few months from now you’ll be telling people “There’s a secret to my glow!” 🙂

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