You Know What’s Amazing?

You know what’s amazing?

It’s amazing when you fall into a place where you realize everything is in the nature of the amazing. No longer caught in “good” or “bad”. No longer attached to the way you think it’s supposed to be or not supposed to be. No longer even attached to the idea that you shouldn’t be attached.

Simply amazed.

Amazed that the story of a continuous “you” keeps arising out of the nothingness. Amazed to be faced with challenges and lessons to learn in the linear world of being a human. Amazed that the dream of time and space dances and plays as infinite reflections of the ONE.

Amazing to dream you are dreaming. Amazing to dream you are awake. Amazing to be sharing these experiences together as one unified consciousness.

It’s amazing to awaken to yourself as the infinite magic from which every individual dream is born and dies back into.

It’s amazing to be the seed and the flower that blooms.

You know what’s continually amazing?

-Brian Piergrossi

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