My Last Night on the Island

This is the last night on the island of Koh Phangan.
It’s been a very special period in our lives.
I have not spent this much time communing with the ocean.. well.. probably ever.

I watched so many incredible sunsets. Each one a unique flavor of magic.

I unexpectedly spent time with old friends from around the world, and made friends with new ones.

I danced in a pyramid and sang in a dome.

I ate the most incredibly delicious, yet clean, healthy meals.

I often rode a motorbike through rolling mountaintops filled with nothing but palm trees immersed in waves of gratitude for the beauty of this world.

I watched monkeys play, and lizards crawl, and birds sing to the morning sun.

I received good bodywork. I swam in the ocean naked, I listened to amazing music, laughed a lot, and a few times I got angry.

I continue to be deeply inspired by the Thai people, their culture and disposition. There’s a lot the rest of the world can learn from them. More on that another time.

I’ve had many powerful realizations, inspirations, awakenings, and shifts in consciousness while here.
Mostly in quiet moments by myself, gazing into the infinite horizon where the ocean makes love to the evening sky.

In some ways I’ve been reborn. In some ways I’ve died. In some ways I’ve come to realize there is no difference between the two.

  • The island will change you. My heartfelt prayer is that, in the coming years, the island changes us more than we change the island.

    We’ll be back next year.

    Be well friends!
    The next adventure always waits.

    – Brian Piergrossi
    Koh Phangan, Thailand

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