Last Night I Talked About My Journey….

Last night I talked about my journey. About the chronic fatigue syndrome I suffered from in my early twenties. How that suffering and confusion began my ‘spiritual journey’ and my one pointed search for what I then called “enlightenment”, a way to transcend suffering for myself and for everyone.

I talked about the awakenings in consciousness I uncovered to the absolute Self beyond, yet including, the ego.
I talked about how in my early thirties I quit my job and left my home to give myself full time to wander the world in support of others who were exploring the deep questions of their own suffering and struggles I had uncovered.

I talked about how I traveled the world and saw the same essence in so many different kinds of people all over the world. I called it ‘The Big Glow’.

I talked about meeting my partner Annie in Bali several years ago. How our coming together has brought a fullness and completion to what I’m sharing with the world.

I talked about how we now offer a full cocktail of spiritual awakening and worldly physical embodiment. Masculine and feminine polarity. We’ve found this new concoction so powerful that we now call it ‘The Super Glow’.

I talked about how I do not view what I’m sharing as religious or even spiritual anymore. Just a human being inviting other human beings to rest in the truth, the infinite, timeless essence, of who we really are without the need to subscribe to dogma or limiting belief systems.

I talked about our new found commitment to ground and build community in Asheville NC.
I talked about our commitment to partner with Leaflin Lore Winecoff and the new downtown venue we love ‘The Rusty Lotus’ for all our events.
And I talked about my commitment to you the reader. To support you in any way I can.

I feel as on purpose, aligned, lit up, inspired and focused than anytime I can recall.

Last night marked a new chapter.. and you’re going to like it a lot.
I loved having my son in the front row last night.
I loved having so many clients, friends, students, I have shared so amazing moments with over the years present last night.
I loved having so many new friends joining us for the first time filled with excitement.
I loved having Annie with me.

I love our new space ‘The Rusty Lotus’
The energy in the room last night was electric yet relaxed, warm and open, yet pointed..
I’m grateful to all who joined us and our cocreating this community.

Have you found your tribe?

You’re invited to join us for the next one Tuesday, Aug 27 at 6.30pm where we take it to the next level.


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