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Learning How to Love 

We can learn virtually anything these days. With the rise of the internet we are each swimming in more information now then at any other time in human history. Every question is a google search away. We can learn how to drive a car, build a website, speak French, make an omelette.
But here’s the question: Who teaches us how to love?

Google can’t teach us how to love.

The education system doesn’t teach us. The political system doesn’t teach us. The economic system doesn’t teach us. The culture doesn’t teach us, For most of us, our families weren’t models for us. So what do we do? How do we learn how to love?

How do we learn the most essential and fulfilling element of being alive?
The road is dark and foggy.

We scratch and we claw. We kiss and we fuck. Sometimes we feel lost and confused. Sometimes we make big mistakes! Sometimes we fall to the floor crying. Sometimes our belly hurts so hard from laughing..

Through epiphanies, and orgasms, intense pleasure, unbearable pain, verbal arguments, and tearful apologies, losses and gains, victories and failures, slowly we make some progress and yet the most essential question remains.
How do we learn to love so fully, wholly and completely that to stare into the eyes of another is as intimate as hearing our own heartbeat.

At some point we may meet someone (or if you are truly fortunate, a community of people). That person is not perfect and they are definitely not here to make us happy.
Who is that person? That person is someone who wants to fully learn how to love with you. They want to experiment and explore in a committed way with you. They want to be authentic, vulnerable and raw with you, They want to grow and evolve in consciousness with you. They want to be of service to the world with you. They want to walk the path of the blown open heart with you,

How do we learn to love? We will learn so much more by making mistakes, taking chances, taking risks, daring to look foolish, then we ever will by keeping our heart barricaded and safe,
How do we learn how to love? The truth is we can’t do it alone.
How do we learn how to love? Find another who truly wants to learn with you.

– Brian Piergrossi is learning how to love. He is also the author of The Big Glow, Wow of the Now, Personal life coach, vlogger, retreat facilitator, and teacher. He can be reached at thebigglow@gmail.com

Photographer: Taylor Clark Johnson, West Asheville North Carolina

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