Living Outside the Algorithm

The biggest problem on planet Earth right now may, in fact, be the addiction to the algorithm.

A new invention only utilized, on a mass level, in the last ten to twenty years.

Whether it’s Instagram, or Facebook, or YouTube, or Google, or Tictoc, or Twitter, or Netflix, they all use a secret, and constantly evolving, algorithm to filter what we see & what we don’t see.

Thus we have a situation where a tiny handful of people our increasingly, tightly curating what humanity sees, hears &  learns about each day. And’perhaps, more importantly, what they do not see, hear & learn about each day.

The internet, once thought of as holding the promise of greater freedom of thought & freedom of  speech has, unfortunately, become an increasingly controlled mechanism of mass conditioning, and mass hypnosis, by a tiny handful of ‘programmers’ and their secret algorithms utilized for their benefit and not for yours.

I’ve been learning to joyfully live more outside of the algorithm again, unmediated by this tiny handful of people.

Re-membering to live in direct relationship with life, in all it’s amazement and wonder.

Meaningful, authentic conversations, with real people, in real time.

Living, unmediated, in closer connection to the natural, awe-inspiring, beauty of the Earth.

I understand so much more clearly what’s going on each day by consistently listening to the Earth than by consistently listening to the news.

Living embodied. Sensually, sexually, vulnerably, mystically, sacredly, prayerfully, potently, powerfully, and profoundly,

Here’s to living, unmediated,  outside the algorithm, in direct communion with the Source.

No need for ‘fact checkers’.

⁃Brian Piergrossi

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