Love is What Matters …. California Here I Come ….

Every moment is always an opportunity to learn how to live and love more deeply. Every moment is always an opportunity to discover the peace that transcends understanding. The opportunity, with deep humility, is always right here in the challenges that lie before us. – Bran Piergrossi

Hello Friends,

I’m getting ready for an early flight to California in the morning. I intend to see some of you at retreats and personal sessions over the next few weeks. Check out the calendar below.

With so many seemingly important things being thrown our way each day what really matters? Where are our priorities? Love is what’s really important in this world. Deep down we all know that and yet it’s so easy to forget and get distracted. We’re here to help each other remember.

All the great spiritual wisdom paths around the world have the same intention, to support us in transcending the illusion of separation and the fear and anxiety it induces and thus to recognize and realize the wholeness of the implicate order and the love that is ever-present in the connection points between, and beyond, all that IS. This ever-present love is often referred to as God.

It is in this “love of God” we know what it means to completely transcend the matrix of the mind and also include and embrace it. We discover a higher love that includes the entire world of time and space and also transcends it completely.

This is the truth of who we are.
The moment you find God is the moment you realize you never needed to look.
Thank you for journeying deeper into the heart of love with me.

Brian Satori Piergrossi
Oct. 27 2016
West Lawn PA, USA…


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Featured Upcoming Public Events:

Oct. 29-30 Sepastopol California.. The Big Glow Retreat: The Science of Magic w/ Brian Piergrosi

Nov 4-6 Mt. Shasta California, The Sacred Alchemy Retreat – Breathwork, Yoga, Meditation, and Fun

Nov 18-20 The Sacred Matrix Retreat: Discovering Authentic Love – Pacifica California

Dec 9-12 The Big Glow Retreat: The Art of Manifestation: Relationships, Abundance & Purpose  Brian Piergrossi and John Stringer – Namestoy Retreat Center (One Hour North of Atlanta)

April 1-4 The Urban Mystic Retreat: Empowerment and Transformation with Dale Alan Hoffman and Brian Piergrossi – Asheville NC
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photo by Katherine Terra:  Resonate Festival Asheville NC Oct 1 2016 

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