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What human beings fear the most is not suffering it’s ecstasy …

Have you Become a Wild Instinctive Beast Yet?

When I became a gentle pure holy man I didn’t realize until later I was only half way. It wasn’t until I became a wild instinctive beast that I fully integrated the infinite wellspring of power inside us all. -Brian Piergrossi


Intimacy comes through being relaxed, at ease and authentic with yourself. Feeling at home in your own skin. The core essential intimacy is an unconditional, unmitigated relationship with yourself as the innocent ground of being, moment by moment. It is only through the soil of this core intimacy with yourself that intimacy with another can naturally arise and bloom like a beautiful flower.
– Brian Piergrossi

Complaining and blaming others is not a productive way to change the world. In fact, it’s more of the same.
The greatest things you could ever do for “the world” is to enjoy your life, to somehow find peace and freedom within yourself.
Stop pointing the finger at everyone else and take the responsibility within. No government, no person, no guru, no “twin flame”, no institution, no technology, and nothing outside of you will ever give it to you.
Realize the infinite abundance of the ever-present I AM.Then, just walking down the street, you radiate a vibrational frequency that invites others to realize the same.
– Brian Piergrossi

Going Beyond the Ordinary!

I’ve been ask by John Burgos, host of the widely popular Beyond The Ordinary Show, to speak alongside a specially selected group of featured guests and share tools and insight, that will help  to lead you toward your heart’s most sincere desire and resonance.

We are living in exciting times and it gets even more exciting when you are equipped with the tools and knowledge to leverage all of the work you have done up until now. The time has come to put it all together so that you can discover the masterpiece you’ve been creating all of this time! Get ready for a major, beautiful and empowering live call on September 20 at 8pm est.
If you miss the live version, you will also have access to the recorded version.  Also, by registering for this call, you get free access to the other calls from selected guests.  Register with this link and get a front row seat, and you’ll have priority to ask questions during my call.

Yes, sign me up:

Next Big Glow Retreat Rescheduled…
The Big Glow Retreat: The 4 Levels of Intimacy has been rescheduled for Oct 21-22 and the beauty of the Autumn leaves in Asheville…

Space is limited for this retreat. 5 spots left. Register here to reserve your spot:


Atlanta, Sept. 13th!

I’ll be in Atlanta Georgia, Wednesday, Sept. 13th, 7pm as a featured guest with John Stringer for the ‘Spiritual Summit’ Series.   This is event is love donation. Come out and BE with us!
Trinity Center for Spiritual Living.1095 Zonolite Rd, Atlanta GA.


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In love with the Absolute essence that is the truth of who we are …
Brian Piergrossi

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