No Such Thing as Luck in this Mathematically Perfect Universe

There’s no such thing as luck in this mathematically perfect universe.

Your life is like an advanced algebra class.

There are many problems to face each day. How do you find the solutions? You can solve any equation once you know the formula.

In working with so many people over the years, and starting with myself, I’ve come to learn a profound truth. You actually don’t need to know the right answers, what you really need to know are the right questions. It’s only when we become clear about the right questions that we become clear about the right answers.

These are not merely intellectual questions. These are questions of the heart, of the emotional body, of the physical body, and of the Spirit.

What then becomes indescribably valuable is to commit to a coach, and a community, who are asking you the right questions on an ongoing basis.

I accepted some awesome new clients this past week. However I still have some limited space available for new coaching and meditation clients at the moment. Email me for more info.

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