This is Not for Social Media

Social media is increasingly the way people are communicating with each other around the world. It’s becoming the global nervous system. There remains great potential there.

However, at this stage the primary way people use social media is simply to try with all their might get the attention of the other people who are using it.  What means do they use to capture people’s attention?. Well.. by any means necessary.
This usually revolves around some version of what they called in the Iraq War “Shock and Awe”
I don’t have any judgment about this. I am active on all the major social media channels.  If you are going to play a game you might as well learn how the game is being played and win it. Yet, there is a very different game we can play. It is essential to our fulfillment as human beings and that game is being lost.

In a medium based on 280 characters, or 15 second “stories” it’s difficult to convey any depth of who we really are or what we are moving through. What our unique, and universal, dreams are. To explore the gray, ambiguous areas of “right” and “wrong”. To have a conversation about the nuances of politics beyond red and blue. The matters of the awakening heart and how to live a life a pure purpose and inspiration. How to live in a space of authentic relating beyond the cookie cutter boxes.

It’s a difficult to convey our universal struggles and challenges in a way that people can truly relate to.
It’s impossible to hold someone’s hand or give them a hug.

One of the things I hear most often lately is that someone in person is nothing like their social media representation. People seem quite surprised by this, This is not surprising to me at all.
You can not truly realize the depths of of someone, or yourself for that matter, by walking 15 seconds in their shoes..

This is why, in addition to social media. It’s important to create avenues for people to see themselves, myself, and others with greater depth..

What I have discovered from over 10 years of doing this work is something quite profound.  When we see another more deeply we see a clear reflection of ourselves more deeply. When we see ourselves more deeply we see the world more deeply as a reflection of ourselves.

We are mirrors to the infinite depths of who and what we truly are.
What you see is what you are and you will discover that what you are is beautiful.

Through avenues such as these weekly emails. my podcast series, personal sessions, retreats, my books and The Secret Glow Online Community. I am inviting us to explore with greater depth the beauty of who we really are.

I am not some old curmudgeon here to bash social media and tell you how life was better in the old days. What I am here to say is that social media can become and unhealthy addiction… and social media alone can not bring us the depth of connection we long for.

May we each balance our time each day to provide us with the rich, depth of connection and exploraion we deserve and not just quick and easy forms of escapes

– Brian Piergrossi


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    Aug 31 – Sept 3 ‘Beyond Words’ Silent Retreat

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    Do you sometimes feel it would good to have a few days of peace and quiet, in a beautiful natural setting, away from the city, and away from your normal patterns and routines?. Do you sometimes feel like you could use a few days away from the stressful pressures of work, finances. children, preparing meals, cleaning the house and time thinking about everyone else?
    Do you feel you could use some time to connect more deeply within yourself?

    Socially do you feel you could use more time away from trying to impress other people, pressure to say the right thing, to tell the right story, and to present yourself in the proper way?

    Do you sometimes feel like you could use more time just to relax… unwind… rest… in a place where nothing needs to be done…  and you can just… well… discover yourself and BE yourself?

    What would open?
    What would you discover?
    What deeper inquiries would become available to you?
    What deeper answers would be revealed inside you?
    What new creative impulses and ideas would emerge through you?

    We all can benefit greatly from the restorative,rejunative power of a silent retreat.

    For thousands of years, silent retreats have transformed the lives of millions of people around the world from all walks of life.  The power of these retreats is time tested. There is a collective, supportive power in coming together in silence.
    We are asking you to go on silent retreat with us for 4 days.Benefits

    We all can benefit greatly from having a space where the only requirement for a few days is to BE.

    These silent retreats allow the nervous system to relax, the mind to quiet, the heart to open.  They allow us to discover a deeper, more authentic sense of who we really are… and to express it in the world.

    The paradox is in taking this time for ourselves, and discovering the essential stillness within, we move forward from these retreats being a better partner, a better parent, a better friend, and a better citizen.

    In discovering a more authentic sense of who we really are, we develop a natural deepening of intimacy with the world around us and all those who inhabit it.

    We discover a greater clarity and empowerment within to actualize our true purpose.

    The Unique Style of this Retreat

    This is not your typical silent retreat where you will be sitting in silent meditation all day until you lose circulation in your legs.
    There will be some sitting meditation, however the greater intention here is to bring silent mindfulness to all the aspects of your day, and all the aspects of your life.
    This includes mindfulness in eating: taste, chewing and digestion.
    To walking each day with presence, alive to your senses and the world around you
    To dancing.
    To napping and resting
    To yoga
    To breathwork
    To self-expression
    To making music together
    To toning
    To journaling
    To BEing authentically You
    There will also be one facilitated session by mindfulness coach Brian Piergrossi each morning that involves talking and reflecting together and the previous day and the day ahead.. as well as a closing circle..



    Orientation/Check in 1-3 pm

    Opening Circle (introductions /  overview / sharing intentions) 3-430 pm

    Mindfulness Dinner/Clean UP 5-630 pm

    Mindfulness Walk 7-8 PM

    8-9 PM Private Journaling Time


    7-8 AM Morning Meditation (Main Hall) or self-guided silent mindfulness walk

    8-9 Mindfulness breakfast

    930 – 1030 Yoga

    1030-noon Morning Satsang (Reflection. Q and A, with words)

    Mindfulness Lunch noon to 130pm

    130-330 Breathwork

    330- Community Nap in Main Room / Free Time

    Mindfulness Dinner 5-630

    Group Mindfulness Walk 7-8 PM

    Silent Meditation in Dark  / toning or oming 8 – 8:30 PM


    7-8 AM Meditation (main hall) or self-guided walking meditation)

    8-9 Mindfulness breakfast

    930 – 1030 Yoga

    1030-noon Satsang  (Reflection. Q and A, with words)

    Lunch noon to 130 pm

    130-330 Beyond Words – Music / Self-Expression without words

    330-5 Community nap (main hall)  / FREE TIME

    Mindfulness Dinner 5-630

    Group Mindfulness Walk 7-8 PM

    Silent Ecstatic Dance 8-9 PM


    8-9 AM Morning Meditation (main hall)

    9-10 Mindfulness Walk

    10-1130 Satsang  (Reflection. Q and A, with words)

    12pm Mindfulness LUNCH

    130-3 Closing Circle / Group hug

    *All agenda offerings are optional. Follow your own guidance in what you choose to participate in,.
    *This is only a rough schedule. It is subject to change, or be revised, at any time due to the truth of the moment
    *The retreat is not designed for children



    After surveying multiple locations around the world, we have once again chosen the silence and stillness of the magical  Gainesville Retreat Center outside Gainesville Florida as the perfect place to support the vision and intention of this silent retreat. The Gainesville Retreat Center lies on over 100 acres of secluded forest conservation land. At the center of the property lies a 1200 square foot Dharma Room ideal for meditation, yoga and dance. There is also a full vegetarian kitchen and all meals will be provided as part of retreat. There are miles of hiking trails and a large pool. Beautiful simple bedrooms ideal for meditation and contemplation each evening..


    Earlybird special if you register now is only $495. This includes the entire retreat, lodging, and three meals a day. We will provide an additional $25 refund to the first 3 people who register today!

    $495 eartlybird special
    After July 17 $645 middlebird special
    After Aug 17 $695 bigbird special

    If you are in need of a scholarship discount please email here: and we will do our best to support you. There are no worktrades or full scholarships for this retreat. Partial scholarships may be offered to those requesting them.

    Those who would like to donate so someone else in need may attend these retreats please do so here . Thank you for your kindness and generosity!


    If you are flying into this retreat Jacksonville airport is 1.5 hours from retreat center. Orlando is 2 hours from retreat center. Gainesville regional airport is 10 to 15 minutes.

    If you are driving please set you’re GPS to  1551 SE 51 St, Gainesville, FL 32641

    Feedback from Previous Retreats:

    “I have attended multiple retreats with Brian, and in each, I experience new insights into my own being. The retreat environment calls forth and nurtures my highest self, helps me release negatives and ideas of self-limitation, embrace my potential, and find new wellsprings of joy inside myself” – S.K., Sacramento CA

    About the Silent Retreat

    That Moment of Enlightenment in Washington Square Park New York

    Personal Life Coaching:

    I do counseling & visioning sessions, meditation sessions, healing sessions, polarity sessions.  Regardless of the modality, With the experience of hundreds of clients from over two dozen countries over the years, the true, unique gift of what I offer is to see yourself and be yourself beyond unconscious limiting blocks, stories, and belief systems.

    Through self-honesty, clarity of intention, accountability and a holistic/integral approach, we delve into a deep space that creates the opening to fly unbounded and free. To recondition, and create ones life from the deepest sense of peace.

    I’m so proud of my former clients and students as well as the current ones and now have room for some new clients beginning August 1.

    Rates are flexible and negotiated on an individual basis. Payments are made via paypal to

    Message me to schedule a time to discuss and see if we are a good fit for each other..

    It’s my greatest joy, honor, and privilege to continue to share my gifts with you on your path.


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    Check out this uplifting 4 minute video from our retreat.

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