Online Personal Sessions Now Donation Based

Hi everyone!

I’m aware that this is a challenging time right now for many, particularly those prone to anxiety and depression, or feeling alone, needing grounded support and inspired direction.

In this time of unprecedented transition, I feel like my work, and tools I offer, are needed like never before.

That’s why, during this time, I’ve been guided to offer all online personal sessions with me on a sliding scale donation basis. ?

Some of you have already taken me up on this offer. Please send me an email using this link ASAP if you’re interested:

In addition, my online, group, guided meditation and Q/A is available free for new members this Wednesday at 11am est .. and only $4.25 a session (or $17 a month after). We have great members you’ll get to know from around the world. All sessions are archived.

To give it a try subscribe here:

I’m committed to help as many people around the world as possible right now.

If you, or someone you you know could you support share this message with him, or let me know how I can support.

I’m here for you ?✨


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