Reflections from Annie….

This photo was taken two years ago today when I arrived in Asheville to meet up with this gorgeous man. It feels like lifetimes have passed since then as our lives have taken on a whole new myriad of expansions & realms of possibilities both internally & externally.

It has been a beautifully intense journey as we have unfolded layers that have not yet been unfolded before. In all spectrums – Laughter, tears, full blown intensity, sadness, passion… standing in absolute vulnerability & entering the deepest darkest caverns of the heart, fully naked & raw. Both dedicated to this alchemical path of emptying out that which keeps us from embodying the Love that we came here to be. And that’s what I deeply adore about us – That we both have the capacity to stand in the fire & the heat of vulnerability and allow it to transform and open us, birthing ourselves anew in each moment. Fresh, innocent and in awe of all that came before and all that lies ahead…🔥

In the beginning Brian used to remind me often that the purpose of our relationship was to grow/evolve in our consciousness and to love & serve the world. Well, we are certainly on that path and I know that that’s been the plan all along, both individually & together.

Infinite gratitude to you Brian for showing up as the powerful & loving being that you are – You are so needed in this world! Also huge gratitude to our loved ones.. family & friends for your unwavering support & guidance along the way. You truly mean everything to us & your honest reflections have informed and helped to shape our continued evolution. ❤️

– Annie Marie

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