Does Safety Create Freedom?

I absolutely love this group .. as do so many others.
It’s one of the true highlights of my week.

The reality is most of my public social media posts are pretty safe and tame. That’s because many topics in the open public aren’t safe or tame for the poster, or the commenter, to explore in a truly genuine, vulnerable way.
One can lose their job, their relationship, friendships etc.
They can push triggers.

I created the Secret Glow as a safe space of supportive people on the path of self-realization and self-actualization, to explore them self and their life, in a truly vulnerable way on the deepest level.
This is me unfiltered, raw, authentic, genuine, at times politically incorrect.
I find it’s in this radical freedom to push the edge, combined with a mutual trust and safe space of unconditional support, that profound breakthroughs are happening in the lives of our members.
We explore edgy topics and questions here I don’t explore in the public forum.
We always begin with a powerful centering and heart centered meditation
Then, from this shared field of presence, i share a talk based on what’s alive and important this week.
Then it’s Q/A. You can literally ask me anything you want .. and I’ll have questions for you as well.
I always end with suggested homework for the week.

All sessions are live in our private Facebook group and all sessions archived for playback anytime.
There’s a 7 day trial.

Join our community and all sessions by subscribing here

Some benefits

* How to live your true purpose
* Deeper connection and communication in your intimate relationships
* Deeper connection with Spirit and direct guidance in your life
* Learn to transcend anxiety and fear * Forgiveness for family members
* Greater present moment self-awareness
* How to live in the now.
* Greater self-worth and self-value
* More depth and connection in your sex life
* Greater emotional intelligence and awareness
* More conscious, creative daily routines and accountability * Understanding of masculine/feminine polarity
* Friendships with others around the world
* Greater financial abundance

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