You Say it Best When You Say Nothing At All

I remember a few minutes before this photo was taken I was looking at her and I said: “If I stare at you in silence sometimes it’s just because I am in love with you.” In hearing that a big beautiful warm smile broke open across her radiant face.

Sometimes we use too many words to try to connect, or be understood. instead of realizing all the ways we are already connected. beyond the realm of thoughts and ideas, deeply present and attuned with each others hearts.

Sometimes it’s just staring into each other eyes, a long warm hug. holding hands, kissing at sunset. listening to music together, walking through the woods together in silence, Praying together in perfect stillness. Making passionate love together underneath the shimmering stars.

There is a vast and powerful love that emerges when we are fully present together. Whatever the challenge or difficulty we have faced, in a moment of being wholly present together there is an organic forgiveness that lets go of the past which words can never touch.

These moments of quiet, shared presence are the foundation for the deep bonds of love and intimacy we long for…

-Brian Piergrossi


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