Science is Never Settled

Freedom of speech & freedom of thought is essential for a conscious, intelligent civilization.

Sad to see we’ve now returned to the days of book banning, shaming & canceling people simply for asking questions or offering an alternative perspective.

These people orchestrating this censorship  are the same people who claim they “believe”  in science… or as I sometimes call them, “the high priests of science”

True science, at its very foundation, is the opposite of belief.  Its based in everyone being able to freely question reality in order to discover, what is true for them through the act of observation and pattern recognition.

Secondly, What works best for me may not be what works best for you.

These one size fits all solutions, treating humans the way you treat a machine in an industrial assembly line, are the first thing to question.

Most of what we currently call “science” is funded by those with an agenda intending to manipulate public opinion in order to further their profit & control.

We must each become our own scientist through the application of vigilant mindfulness over our body, mind, spirit, emotions, moment by moment, in coordination with our intuitive guidance (a subject for another day)

Science is  a continual & ongoing inquiry. True science is never ‘settled’.

After all, we live in a universe that is in continual flux.

To ban & censor art is just as bad.

Novels, movies music, poetry, paintings etc..

This is someone’s personal artistic expression and not something claiming to be factual or promising to make you feel warm & fuzzy.

Although as Pablo Picasso once said: ‘Art is a lie that tells the truth’

Art has always been a great way to lean into deeper truths within.

It’s natural & normal not to like, or agree with, what someone is saying, or expressing.

If it’s a strong trigger that often means they have some medicine for us to recognize, and integrate, a shadow element within us.

Challenge them. Start  a conversation. Ask questions. Get curious.

And perhaps most importantly, listen.

Often times new friendships actually start this way. Sometimes not.

We don’t have to agree about everything to form deep bonds of connection and care with each other.

This is where having a realization of of our inherent Oneness is what’s most essential, which lies deeper, and is more intrinsic, than any belief or thought.

This is how we foster a more intelligent, conscious civilization together.

How about we move from outrage & cancel culture to a culture of curiosity and wonder?

Whatever we give our attention to we get more of.

Let’s give our heart, our imagination, our blood, our sweat, every ounce of our being to the world we feel called to cocreate together.

– Brian Piergrossi

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