The State of the Union & the May Day Liberation – Brian Piergrossi

This is a rather lengthy post that looks at the current state of affairs across the world and begins to address a pathway forward)

The most important distance for humanity to travel right now is the one between the heart and the head.

We must learn to become grounded in the spirit of who we truly are and access a higher, more coherent level of intuitive, emotional, logical, and visionary intelligence.

We must have compassionate, civil discourse with each other and stop choosing teams. We are all on the same team right now and everyone wants what is best.

As always, we must learn to live from love and not from fear. To focus on what we want and not on what we don’t want.

And we must do our best to be present in the moment, and get an honest sense of what is happening.

Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus, covid-19 is happening. It’s real and it’s causing pain and suffering.

I have friends, and people who’ve attended my events, who are sick with the coronavirus and I know people whose family members have died from the coronavirus. My heart goes out to them.

Outer and Inner Cleaning

There are a lot of good things happening:

Many people have shared with me they have never had so much time to relax, slow down and be reflective. To sink into being instead of doing.

People are helping each other. Caring for each other. Positive conversations are being had.

Wildlife is returning to places it hasn’t been in decades.

Traffic is gone in the cities. Air pollution is dropping. Noise pollution has decreased. The skies, rivers, lakes and oceans are clearing, The earth is healing. People are telling me they can hear the birds singing again in the cities for the first time..

Forced Global Lockdown

Then there’s the other side of the forced indefinite global lockdown

My friend from the Masai tribe in Kenya writes me. He tells me because of the lockdown, no tourists come through anymore and they lack food. He hopes they survive.

A friend from Ghana writes me. He tells me he lost his job because of the lockdown and his wife is sick. He’s praying, and desperate for help. He doesn’t know how he is going to feed his family.

In Bali a friend visits the laundromat. She says the owner receives her payment with tears in her eyes and says “We really need the money right now”
She explains that because of the lockdown all her other customers have left.
“This is our food for tomorrow for the family.” She says.

These are of course just a few of billions or people who live below the poverty line and whose lives are at risk everyday that this lockdown continues.

In West Virginia a woman shares that both her and her husband lost their business because of the lockdown. She is left praying and asking for help.

In Rhode Island a client who is a wedding photographer lost all her income because of the lockdown, because of course weddings are now illegal. Her partner lost his job because of the lockdown as well. She tells me they have $100 to their name, a small baby, and no help in sight.

In fact most people I know from musicians, to massage therapists, to yoga studio owners, waitresses, barbers, construction workers have no income and no work. They can’t pay their rent/mortgage and are wondering how they and their families are going to eat, the further this goes on.

A local friend, now unemployed with no income in days wants to take her life. We manage to talk her out of it.

Several other friends are quite literally on the edge of losing their minds.

Anxiety, fear, loneliness, mental illness and deep depression are soaring in people at levels I’ve never seen before.

In Italy, a friend tells me people are being arrested for going outside.

In India, another friend tells me people are being arrested for going outside.
Another reports that people are being beaten by police for leaving their home.

In New Zealand police can enter homes to look for people gathering.

In California people are being fined for going to the beach.

All around North America the parks are closed.

The freedom to assemble in our American Bill of Rights which has been in place for over 200 years is suddenly dismantled indefinitely without a vote.

It’s illegal protest.
It’s illegal to go to church, mosque, synagogue..
It’s illegal to get married.
Its illegal to die and have a funeral honoring your life.

It’s illegal for kids to play outside with their friends
And it’s definitely against the law to hug a stranger.

We must stay six feet a part from each other at all times and never touch another human, because of course other humans are dangerous and may be infected.

Freedom of speech is being lost in a way I’ve never seen in my lifetime..
Friend’s YouTube videos and social media posts are being taken down because they explore alternative questions and narratives.

It’s a lot to take in emotionally. Yet we must.

Let’s pretend you just dropped in from another planet. What is the reason for all this you say? The reason is we must “flatten the curve” and slow the spread of the virus otherwise the hospitals will be overwhelmed. We must stop as many people as possible from dying.

Ok that makes sense. What specifically then are the supplies that the hospitals need? What is the exact amount they need? Which hospitals? And what is the target date to meet this goal and lift the global lockdown?

The answer is:
“we don’t make the plan the virus makes the plan”

Well that is an obviously ridiculous statement. Viruses don’t make plans. Humans do. So what’s the plan? What’s the vision here? What is the exit strategy?

The shocking statement is the same for everyone across the board. They don’t know.

To be a good citizen that cares about everyone, especially the elderly, you must follow the rules, do what you’re told and don’t ask too many questions.

Have you had enough yet?

I have. Enough is enough.

How do we get out of this indefinite lockdown ? What’s the exit strategy?

I think we all understand there’s a point where the devastating effects of the lockdown become worse than the effect of the virus. In many people’s assessment we are already past that point.

We are in great need of someone to offer a plan and an exit strategy.

Here is my plan:

Do everything you can to stock hospitals with whatever supplies they need over the next few weeks.

On May 1st this enforced global military lockdown, and destruction of our civil rights needs to end.

The elderly and and anyone with compromised immune system is strongly advised to remain at home.

If you’re not elderly and you do not have a compromised immune system, but you’re afraid, you are more than welcome to remain isolated in your home for as long as you like as well. In fact, please do. It’s best that way.

For the rest of humanity, May 1 is a time to begin to play again and cocreate a new world of magic and revelry.

There will obviously be an initial rise of infections by people who are consciously and intentionally taking that risk. 99.9% of this particular population will return to full health if they show symptoms and build herd immunity for the rest of the population.

If you do feel sick, unless you can’t breath or feel you are dying. Don’t go to the hospital. There’s nothing they can do for you. Just stay at home, isolate and rest. Allow your body to build immunity. My greatest spiritual revelations came when I was sick. It was a period that changed my life for the better.

Meanwhile allow people to feed their family, keep their home, hug their neighbor, dance with their community, hear live music, get married, go to church, play sports, hang out with their friends they haven’t seen in months, and have a memorial service for their dead family members.

And for God sake allow people to go to the park!

We’ve been having great civil discourse in my group and I welcome you to join the conversation sharing your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives in the comments.

You are welcome to share this post.

-Brian Piergrossi

(Artwork Beatriz Meneses)


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