Where the Streets Have No Name

I heard the song “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2 today.

It reminded me of the time I was lost somewhere way out in the middle of South India, on a motorbike with a yogi friend, trying to find some kind of office to get a train ticket.

We stopped to ask someone. He starts giving us the most elaborate directions.

“Go about 500 meters. When you see the temple make a right. Go about 1000 meters. When you see the statue of Hanuman make a left. Then, past the hill, when you see a restaurant with a red roof make a right…” and on and on he goes. Who can remember all this?

I try to cut to the chase. “Can you just give me the address?”
He looks at me. “There is no address.”
I’m a little befuddled.
“Oh. Can you give the name of the street?”
He looks at me again and he says:
“The streets have no name”

In that moment something released inside me and burst open. That simple realization was one of the happiest moments of my life.
Something about being somewhere in the world that is still untouched by artificial, human made names and labels just sent me into the most giddy state of ecstacy.
A place where getting lost wasn’t really considered much of a problem because there was actually nothing that important to find.

Being in a place without artificial borders or boundaries felt so liberating.

Traveling the world, in places such as that, has been such an incredible way for me to expand my consciousness over the years. It’s one of the primary things that’s made me who I am today.

I’m noticing there’s a mourning arising inside me in the realization that I may never travel in the same way again.
I may never take others to these amazing places I have discovered again.
I may never take people on destination retreats or workshops in the same way again.

Now a days, to walk down the street is my exotic travel of the week!

And yet, there’s an opportunity for a different kind of traveling available right now. The most important, and potentially exciting, travel of all.
The time to travel within.

Get still. Quiet. Spacious.
Let your awareness drop beneath the surface of your passing thoughts.
You can go farther and deeper traveling your own consciousness than you ever could traveling the earth.
Discover the infinite, unchanging awareness that is you.

There truly is a place inside us all, beyond all borders and boundaries, where the streets have no name.

This is the place of infinite possibility.

– Brian Piergrossi


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