The Sweetest Navajo Dream


The Sweetest Navajo Dream

I had a dream
It was somewhere in New Mexico or Arizona

And heart-sparks
On the open horizon

As we invoke God’s name
Over and over
In the tangled mud

We’re moving in and out of each other
Like a woven basket
In the Navajo sand

I’m the Chief
With the strongest heart

Brave enough to love you
Living for love
And courageous enough to die for it

Drinking and swallowing all the wine from your beautiful glass

You’re my sunshine in the morning
My daydream in the afternoon
Tender kisses on the back of my neck in the evening

Now the skies are opening back up
And the warm, red rain is falling down upon us again like soft magic
Enlivening us with the sweet nectar of the faraway stars

We hear it
We feel it
Like wild, passionate music falling on our long, straight black hair
Moistening the soft, ground below our bare, feet

We dance between the rhythm of the falling drops
Splash and play rough, in the puddles, like wide-eyed kids

The lightning awakens something mystical and mysterious inside us

The thunder shakes the roots of our being

It thrusts our souls forward into somewhere more vast and beautiful
Than we’ve ever before been

The fierce, strong, wild, wind
Brings new passions through our collective heart
Greater imaginings
More daring dreams
And a new, larger love than we ever knew

The boundaries and walls of separation begin to fall away
There is no longer any room here for two

We live and breathe now in service of the One

Those who don’t believe
Have never been where we are right now
How could they know?

We are weaving this beautiful basket
It can carry all our dreams inside
More than they could ever imagine


Remember back when I told you this was possible?

Here we are!

The skies are clearing now
The sun’s rays warming us with their eternal love

A delicate rainbow appears on the horizon
We don’t need a pot of gold
Just these two radiant, powerful, beating hearts uniting as one

In our lives
In every life
There is a moment
This is that moment

Close your eyes
Tonight I want to take you down to the lake at sunset
And share with you the most beautiful moment

-Brian Piergrossi

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